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We are proud to say that we hire less than 1% of applicants for our clients

Blockgram is a long-term recruiting and staffing value creator. As we are hyper-specialized on blockchain technology and advanced financial technologies, we are able to be nimble and competitive. The majority of our careers have been focused on how to leverage technology to drive decision making, how to use it as a sustainable competitive differentiation, how to drive results while still having strategic objectives in mind, and finally creating environmental and social value through our partnership programs with non-profit organizations in emerging markets. These experiences drive our passion to match top talent with top companies.

Staffing, Recruiting, Talent Acquisition

Our firm provides three services to companies of all sizes in the fintech and blockchain industries: recruiting, staffing, and talent acquisition. The recruiting and staffing arm of Blockgram uses a proprietary human capital search platform to first locate and then screen thousands of candidates. Once that effort is complete, we meet with the top candidates individually and rank them for each posting we are in the process of filling. At that point, we meet with the client once more to ensure that our proposed candidates meet the clients’ standards.

Talent acquisition differs from recruiting and staffing in goals and time frame. As recruiters, we match qualified candidates to open positions. As talent acquisition specialists, we help companies plan ahead by identifying candidates with very specific skill sets for future leadership positions. Leaders in the blockchain and fintech industries typically have experience in such areas as application development, information security, crypto-technology, and management. With our connections and experience in these industries, we are able to reach out to professionals who may not be on the job market but might consider a move for the right opportunity.

Our fintech and blockchain clients tend to be innovators who are engaged in disrupting the status quo through new technology. Finding team members with highly specialized skills, knowledge of cutting edge technology, and the drive to innovate is crucial to their work. We are able to provide our clients with access to professionals with a wide variety of skills and experience. Whether our clients are preparing for an ICO, developing smart contracts, or building decentralized payment systems, we help them match the unique talent profile of the job to the best possible individual who can fill it.

Building strong teams requires not only combining the right skill sets but also putting together individuals who communicate well with each other. Along with identifying talent, we are also mindful of the need for a good fit between a job candidate and the company culture. In order to adapt well and contribute fully, a new employee needs to be able to share the company’s core values and behaviors, such as work and communication styles. Cultural fit is one of the most important factors in predicting employee retention; thus, getting to know our clients and their particular needs is a key part of our practice.



To learn how we can help your company grow and benefit from the unique characteristics of blockchain technology, contact us at info@blockgram.com.