About Us

May 6, 2016

Blockgram can help small to medium sized businesses define the problem and find the right blockchain solution.

For the past year or so, “Blockchain, not Bitcoin” has been a common refrain among the financial services set — meant to imply both that the technology behind Bitcoin is what’s truly revolutionary, not the currency itself, and that private Blockchains (Intranets) can be just as transformative as public ones like the Bitcoin/Ether Blockchain ( similar to the Internet).

How can Blockgram help businesses with Bitcoin and Blockchain?

Blockgram provides consulting, training, recruiting, and research services for small to medium size businesses interested in crypto technology (Blockchain). The consulting arm of Blockgram helps businesses leverage the beauty and power of Blockchain technology for a multitude of applications, including: point of sale implementation to accept Bitcoin and Ethereum payments, transaction processing, improve reliability of information security, and to build solutions tailored to their needs using cryptocurrencies. Each of our resources have several years of experience in top Fortune 500 financial institutions.

We also publish informative blogs about Blockchain, Bitcoin and Ethereum here and on each of our social media sites: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

What is the idea behind Blockgram? When did Blockgram start?

Blockgram was co-founded by a few Cornell University MBA graduates in 2014. It was born out of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute under the guidance and mentoring of the esteemed faculty. Its goal is to become a long term value creator.

Since 2014, we have been helping young and innovative companies interested in experimenting with the crypto space. Being small and hyper specialized on Blockchain applications enables us to be nimble and competitive. We pride ourselves on our ability to customize and individualize our services using both private and public blockchains and we rapidly build proof of concept tools and prototypes. We ensure objectivity by being completely company and product agnostic.

The majority of our careers have been focused on how to leverage technology to drive decision making, how to use it as a sustainable competitive differentiation, how to drive results while still having strategic objectives in mind, and finally creating environmental and social value through our partnership programs with non-profit organizations in emerging markets.

What are some use case where Blockgram helped with integrating bitcoin/blockchain related technology

We have: helped businesses accept Bitcoin payments through Bitpay integration, helped screen, recruit, and hire competitive candidates from our large pool of highly specialized pool of technical resources with direct experience in building cryptocurrency solutions, published both short and long white papers on specific industry verticals (i.e. financial services, pharmaceutical and healthcare, transportation, retail).

Why do you think Blockchain will play an important role in our daily lives?

It is a technology with great potential to disrupt not just the financial industry, but many others over the course of the next few years. The decentralization properties of the Blockchain provide financial and governing independance from everyone. It can distribute the wealth in a much more effective way than the traditional banking systems.


Blockgram’s goal is to help small to medium size businesses benefit from the unique characteristics of private and public Blockchain technology, help companies reduce their transaction processing costs, drastically improve productivity, and optimize their end to end interactions with their end consumers all while publishing on the bleeding edge events occurring in the crypto space.

When did you first hear about bitcoin?

Being technology enthusiasts with expertise and intellectual curiosity in cryptography and distributed computing, we have been addicted to learning as much as we can about Blockchain since 2011. After reading Satoshi’s whitepaper, we were convinced at the enormous potential this technology will have and how it will be one of the most significant computing paradigms of our time, alongside the Internet, Mobile Phones, and Social Media platforms.

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