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  • Founder’s Bio

Mr. Ismail began his career as a product manager for Yahoo!, where he led a team in developing a new business opportunity for the company. He also gained project management experience early in his career at Scotia Bank in the International Business Banking Group.

Basel Ismail co-founded Blockgram in 2017 and in doing so, combined two of his greatest passions: technology and helping others. As a long-time blockchain enthusiast, he sees the potential for the technology to revolutionize the way people do business, and he is interested in supporting individuals and businesses to further develop that potential. He defines the mission of Blockgram as helping clients to fully realize the benefits of blockchain technology by matching the best available talent to clients’ needs.

In 2006, he began working for American Express, where he held several different leadership positions over the next five years. These included market business analyst, data scientist, and technology strategy manager. During this period, he led 15 technology projects and launched an initiative that improved data quality to the highest level ever at that time.

From 2010 to 2012, Mr. Ismail served as senior manager in the business analytics division of the Global Client Group at Goldman-Sachs. In this position, he managed the risk governance and compliance program and innovated systems, including a travel optimization tool, that significantly decreased expenses for the company.

In 2012, Mr. Ismail returned to American Express, where he served as the director of business architecture in the Global Pricing and Revenue division. In this position, he led the Pricing Infrastructure and Data Analytics team in improving revenue and market forecasting as well as developing the use of data analytics for predictive modeling. During his time at American Express, his performance was rated among the top 1% of all employees, and he was presented with an Excellence in Leadership award given by the Senior Vice President in New York.

“Blockchain will be the next disruptive paradigm in technology, alongisde the Internet and mobile phones. Once scalability is reached and smart contract code development and audits mature, mainstream adoption will go parabolic!”