What is Ethereum?

A long time has passed since cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain technology first arrived on the scene. There are now countless alternate coins (altcoins) competing for users and a leading position on the market. Some of these coins are basically dead on arrival, while others, such as Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, MaidSafeCoin,

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What Blockchain Offers Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Small and medium-sized businesses often find themselves at a disadvantage, because they have to rely on the same antiquated cross-border payment methods as large companies. Larger companies can use their financial leverage to negotiate favorable fees and lower foreign exchange (FX) rates, while smaller players do not have such privilege,

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What are some applications of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Technology?

Our clients continuously ask us to provide them, real-life applications of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency technology. Below is just a snippet of the wide-ranging implementations we have seen and had the unique opportunity of participating in. There are hundreds of new applications using Decentralized Ledger technology/public and private permission blockchains like

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