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You’re ready to build out a team or add to an existing team, but where do you start your competitive talent search? You’ve come to the right place. We’re an innovative highly-technical boutique recruiting agency that wants the best for you and your company. For starters, our entire team of experts will always have your back.

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With a seriously impressive network of the most sought-after blockchain and FinTech talent, our boutique staffing firm will handpick the best talent to fit your blockchain development, smart contract engineering, financial audit, data science, and financial project management staffing needs. Whether you’re looking for a Blockchain Developer with a thing for Decentralized Applications, a UX Designer who orders sticky notes in bulk and has an obsession on how frames fit together, or a Business or Technology Executive with decades of experience leading transformative teams, we’ve got connections for you to hire that competitive talent. And through it all, your Account Manager will be by your side to keep things running smoothly.



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