How to Recover Bitcoin Cash (BCC/BCH) from Bitcoin Wallet

We have been receiving quite a few questions about the Bitcoin Cash Fork (known as BCC or BCH in some exchanges) that is scheduled to activate on August 1st as a result of the User Activated Hard Fork (UAHF). For every Bitcoin (BTC) in your wallet, you will receive an equivalent amount of Bitcoin Cash (Except in the case of exchanges who don’t observe this protocol fork, each follows it own policy). For example, if you currently have 10 BTC in your wallet, post-August 1st, you will theoretically have access to 10 BCC/BCH. Currently, the futures of Bitcoin Cash are already being traded at ~$300, and this is only the day prior to the fork in a few exchanges (e.g. ViaBTC, HitBTC). Recovering Bitcoin Cash from a Bitcoin wallet is not a straight forward process. Most wallets are not very user-friendly, it is also a highly risky process to recover the funds without a firm understanding of the end to end process, the repercussions are significant as you may lose your funds if it is done incorrectly. Also, there are dozens of malicious tools that exist in the market pretending to help you with this.
Due to high demand, Blockgram is offering its service to recover Bitcoin Cash from your Bitcoin wallet, irrespective if it is in cold storage, local, hardware or on an. exchange. We offered a similar service during the Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) fork in mid-2016, it worked well for our clients. Please email us at [email protected] if you would like our help and one of our team members will be in touch within an hour!

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