How to Use OpenBazaar (eBay 2.0 with Bitcoins!) in 5 Steps

Today marks an incredible day for crypto currencies and a strong step in the right direction of consumer wide acceptance of Bitcoin as a legitimate global currency.  OpenBazaar officially announced that on March 1, 2016, its much anticipated peer-to-peer social market will be released to the world!  You can think of OpenBazaar as a combination of eBay, Twitter, and the infamous BitTorrent into one centralized, user friendly electronic commerce portal.

What is OpenBazaar?  

This is directly from their application: “OpenBazaar is a network for trading goods and services directly between people – using Bitcoin – without any central organization controlling the platform. This means you are responsible for your own activity on the network.  OpenBazaar users are not anonymous by default. Most communications between parties are encrypted, but IP addresses are public and can be associated with activity on the network. Malicious parties could use this information against you; protecting your privacy is your own responsibility.  OpenBazaar users must adhere to the laws in their own legal jurisdiction as well as their conscience. The OpenBazaar developers do not condone – and are not responsible for – any use of the platform for illegal activity.  The OpenBazaar community of developers has worked hard to deliver a free platform for trade to the world. But as with any software, bugs will be found. The developers are not responsible for any monetary loss associated with problems in the software.  By using OpenBazaar you’re responsible for your own actions on the OpenBazaar network.”

How do I access it?

A beta of OpenBazaar has been released for public consumption on GitHub, direct link HERE.

How to create a listing in 5 steps?

STEP 1: Install OpenBazaar

Download and then install the beta version (latest version: “OpenBazaar-1.0.2_Setup.exe” from GitHub.

2016-02-18 17_07_05-Release 1.0.2 · OpenBazaar_OpenBazaar-Installer · GitHub

STEP 2: Configure OpenBazaar

Run the application, and you will see the below login screen.

Simply follow the prompts…choose language….choose handler name…and click Finish

1- Main Login

Subsequent Screen

STEP 3: Setup OpenBazaar Home Page

Now it is time to simply setup your first OpenBazaar home page.  Screenshot below shows ours labeled as Blockgram (please be patient with us as it is still in development! :))

OpenBazaar- Open Listings

STEP 4: Create a Listing

Now that your home page is configured, you can create your VERY FIRST LISTING on OpenBazaar.  Below is a screenshot showing the main listing page.

OpenBazaar- Create Listing

STEP 5: That’s It!

Here is what it looks like for Blockgram after we posted the Trezor as a sample listing. We are not affiliates with Trezor nor do we have an incentive in advertising their product, but from personal experience, the Trezor wallet safeguards your Bitcoins beautifully.

OpenBazaar- Blockgram Homepage

As always, thank you for your time and we hope you found this quick tutorial helpful.  We would love to hear from you, please either comment or e-mail us at [email protected].

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