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Would you be interested in working as a project manager and communicator for a company dealing with digital currencies and blockchain technology? Are you the type of person who loves to encourage others? Do you like to motivate people to give their very best and push the envelope toward success? If you are passionate about blockchain and financial technology, you might just be the person we’re looking for.

We are looking for highly motivated individuals to join multiple clients of ours across North America. This client base focuses on blockchain, digital currencies, and financial technology. For this type of role, we need our candidates to be detail-oriented and with a strong desire to get things done. We want a go-getter who can inspire others to perform their very best and lead them toward achieving the objective. Are you interested in the position? If you think you are an ideal candidate for the role of community manager for blockchain, digital currencies, and financial technology, get in touch with us.

Community Manager for North America
Do you want to be a part of a highly dynamic team? Would you like to take on the challenge of handling the most promising projects?
Our client is passionate about working on applications, platforms, and environments to make blockchain and financial technology more accessible to many people worldwide. We invite you to join their passionate team of highly talented and motivated professionals as they tackle new challenges and discover innovative developments in the world of blockchain.

We are currently looking for a community manager to help them grow and nurture their brand, presence, and engagement across many channels and avenues, both online and offline. The chosen candidate for the role will manage all communications they receive from the community. He or she will also handle customer support services. For this reason, we would prefer that the candidates vying for this position possess exceptional communication skills in English. He or she must also possess in-depth experience and expertise in the area of community engagement. More importantly, the candidates must have a working knowledge about blockchain, digital currencies, and financial technology.

Job Description
The role of community manager is essentially that of a project manager who will also function as a public liaison officer who will handle all interactions with clients and the rest of the community. The chosen candidate will be tasked to handle all communications.
To this end, he or she will be responsible for addressing the company’s clients and the public via Twitter, Reddit, etc. He or she will also manage open Q&A sessions, whether through online channels or offline avenues. To adapt to the dynamic changes in the communication landscape, the community manager will also handle real-time messaging platforms such as Twitch, Discord, Slack, and Telegram.

Because he or she will become an extension of the company’s brand, the chosen candidate for the role needs to be courteous and professional in all communications and correspondence at all times. He or she will be the face of the company; as such, the selected individual must uphold himself or herself to the highest standards of propriety, politeness, good manners, and professional conduct.
Other bonus traits we would like to see in each of all candidates vying for the role include strong communication skills, flexibility, and adaptability to every dynamic change in blockchain or the community. He or she must possess the passion and genuine interest to learn new things as well as be open to constructive feedback. Also noteworthy to mention is his or her track record of success in managing various projects or campaigns at a time.

The role of community manager essentially revolves around building and fostering relationship with clients and targeted audience through online and offline channels.

The company intends to actively engage their audience across several platforms online, which includes social media. They also want to reach out to communities of developers focusing on blockchain, digital currency, and financial technology.

For all customer issues or concerns, they need the community manager to respond to their comments or questions in a timely and professional manner. In addition, he or she will be tasked to monitor the engagement with the community then report any progress or feedback. To continually improve their products and services, they want to hear what their clients have to say. Thus, the community manager shall check on the customer feedback and share actionable insights to enhance customer experience satisfaction. The community manager will be working closely with various teams, which include development and marketing groups, to support product launches and making other projects known to the public. In particular, he or she will provide support to the marketing team in areas like communication and social media campaigns.

Experience and Skills Requirements
  • Working knowledge of blockchain, digital currencies, and financial technology
  • Previous work experience in community management and customer service
  • Knowledgeable in launching and managing community initiatives
  • Hands-on experience in brand management on social media
  • Understands basic coding principles and has experience working with developers
  • Has start-up experience
  • Strong connections in the blockchain, digital currency, and financial technology communities

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This is a fantastic opportunity for you to work in a highly dynamic field in blockchain, digital currency, and financial technology and to work remotely! If you believe you are what we’re looking for in a community manager, we invite you to send us your updated resume.