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Do you want to get a job that allows you to travel and see the world? If you’re interested to work in the blockchain industry and passionate about digital currency and financial technology, this role might just be for you.

We are looking for someone who will oversee our operations and business interests from all over the globe. We have a strong focus on creating the architecture of and deploying smart contract systems in publicly available blockchains. As we have offices in different parts of the world, we need someone who can increase our reach and commitment in these areas.

To this end, we need an expansion manager to oversee our operations in our different offices located in various areas. For this position, you will work remotely with our various teams from all over the globe. You will also work directly with our CEO.

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Are you a dynamic and highly motivated individual? Someone who encourages and inspires others to bring out the best in them? Do you feel comfortable working in fast-paced environments? Are you energetic, detail-oriented, and highly organized? Then we invite you to join us.

To apply for the role of expansion manager for our worldwide operations, please send us your updated CV and cover letter. What are you waiting for? Come and join us here at [COMPANY].

About The Client
Our client is in the business of building a secure architecture of smart contract systems and deploying them in publicly available blockchains. We are up-to-date with the latest industry standards, relating to safe, in-depth, high-impact systems.
As the community in blockchain, digital currency, and financial technology continues to grow, we want to enhance our reach. We are currently pursuing expansion endeavors of our projects and operations to different parts of the world. In the next couple of years, we intend to increase our commitment to other regions of the globe.

Expansion Manager for International Operations and Projects
Our objective is to expand engagements abroad. Which is why we need an expansion manager to help us connect to the blockchain communities established overseas. We are accepting applications from candidates who possess the right go-getter attitude. The selected candidate will be tasked to bring together people to develop and launch decentralized applications in blockchain and financial technology. He or she will oversee these operations and coordinate with various teams.

The work environment will be fast-paced. So we need someone who can easily adapt to the dynamic nature of the work. Thus, the selected candidate will need to be energetic and flexible. Furthermore, we require him or her to be highly organized and pays attention to detail.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Expansion Manager – North America
As the expansion manager for our international projects, commitments, and other engagements, the selected candidate will perform the following duties and responsibilities:
  • Create content for distribution and communication with various blockchain communities
  • Work with the client’s marketing team and PR agencies in disseminating content communication
  • Assist in building marketing and communication strategies
  • Plan and organize events and meetups in his or her areas of responsibilities
  • Evaluate or source sponsorships for organized events
  • Encourage the development of a healthy local community in each area of responsibility
  • Establish relationships for the long-term local presence and better relevant projects

Who We’re Looking for
To fill the role of expansion manager for our worldwide projects, we need someone who is an excellent communicator. He or she needs to be proficient in written and spoken English primarily. We may require knowledge of an additional language as may be determined at a later time. So adaptability and ability to learn quickly are must-have traits.

We want someone who can help us build relationships and networks. Other desirable traits include good time management skills, is well-organized, and data-driven.

To apply for this position, candidates need to have experience in working remotely with international teams. Preferably he or she is an active contributor or member of various local events, community channels, and related events.

Bonus points for the candidate who has previous work experience managing or contributing open source projects or crypto engagements. We also prefer someone who has a technical understanding or working knowledge of blockchain and financial technology.

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If you believe you have the skills, experience, and qualification for this role, we invite you to join us. Please apply now with your updated CV.