Penetration Testing Consultant

Full time Blockgram
Chicago, IL, US

Apply with A resume

In this role, you will be responsible for penetration testing of web applications and mobile apps, networks, sandboxes, kernel components, custom client-server applications, hardware and firmware, stand-alone applications and more, and also do some social engineering and physical penetration testing.

  • 30% max with remote options

Required Skills:
  • 3+ years' experience performing penetration assessments in internet, intranet and wireless environments including discovery of network devices and running service and vulnerability scanning, and exploits of identified vulnerabilities to gain or expand access as appropriate
  • 3+ years’ experience participating in activities involving web- based application penetration testing and application source code reviews
  • 3+ years' experience gathering and analyzing threat intelligence
  • 2+ years' experience anticipating in cyber breach investigations including forensic and malware analysis
  • Strong Unix, Windows, networking and wireless security skills
  • A deep understanding of TCP/IP networking

Preferred Skills:
  • Experience with programming languages such as Java, C, C++, C#, asp, and .NET is a plus
  • Experience with attack and penetration assessments is a plus
  • Experience with security testing of web based applications is a plus
  • Experience with application security source code assessments is a plus

Preferred Skills:
  • CISSP, CEH, or OSCP preferred