March 6, 2018

Mohsen Gordpour, Co-Founder

Mohsen Gordpour is an experienced talent recruiter who has worked in a wide range of industries. Along with an interest in financial and blockchain technology, he brings to the Blockgram team an extensive knowledge of source-building, interviewing techniques, and legal issues related to staffing. His work with Blockgram allows him to apply his recruiting and talent acquisition skills in a niche area of particular personal interest.

Before joining the other co-founders of Blockgram, Mr. Gordpour worked as a recruiter and staffing coordinator for two Ontario companies. In 2007, he began working for Revolution Staffing, where he gained experience in recruiting for a variety of staffing positions as well as coordinating staff schedules and assignments. He also had the opportunity to develop valuable skills in sales, marketing, and client relations. During his time at Revolution, he succeeded in expanding sales in existing accounts and contributed to the company’s marketing strategy by monitoring competitive services and reactions from accounts.

In 2008, Mr. Gordpour joined Trebor Staffing as a recruitment specialist. At Trebor, Mr. Gordpour managed all aspects of recruiting, from determining talent needs to building sources to interviewing and placing qualified candidates. He also provided oversight for the logistics of travel and relocation for job candidates, arranging lodging, movers, housing, and community introductions as needed. Some of his achievements at Trebor included developing effective recruiting plans, expanding networks through industry contacts and association memberships, tracking measurable facets of the recruitment and hiring process to show progress toward goals, and implementing college recruitment initiatives.

In addition to recruitment and talent acquisition expertise, Mr. Gordpour is also experienced in many aspects of business administration. In 2011, he began working as a logistics associate for Trans Ontario Express, a shipping and trucking company with routes across Canada and into the U.S. In this position, Mr. Gordpour managed the logistics of shipments, including the receipt of orders, arranging delivery schedules, working with Customs, handling claims, and communicating with customers throughout the process. In addition, he handled bookkeeping and billing, investigation and resolution of queries, and communication with external stakeholders.

Mr. Gordpour received a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management from York University. He continues his education through reading and seeking out professional development opportunities through participation in professional organizations relevant to his interests.