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Our 4 service pillars are hyper focused on growth


Rather than being a market follower, you should be a market leader by recruiting and hiring top candidates with financial technology and crypto experience. Our large pool of candidates are ready to rock and roll! Our team can help with your system integration (Saas, PaaS, IaaS, Blockchain as a Service), implementation, and development with major CRM and ERP partners.


Our advisory services team can help small to medium sized businesses define the problem and find the right financial and marketing technology solution at an affordable price. Our team of data scientists, financiers, marketing experts, and blockchain and technology specialists have 30+ years of experience with Fortune 50 firms.


We understand that working individually encourages divergent thinking, but we can help train your executives to maximize benefits of teamwork while reducing the common knowledge effect and following strategies for enhancing team potential.


We specialize in long term value creation and client acquisition and retention strategies. For example, our team can help you decide whether or not you should create a market presence by pulling via advertising or pushing via sales force. Our white papers focus on blockchain and everything FinTech.

About Us

Our passion for emerging technologies drives us!
Let us show you our 5 major elements of strategy

Blockgram is a long term value creator. Since 2014, we have been helping young and innovative companies grow aggressively. Being small and hyper specialized on financial and marketing technology enables us to be nimble and competitive. We pride ourselves on our ability to customize and individualize our services.

The majority of our careers have been focused on how to leverage technology to drive decision making, how to use it as a sustainable competitive differentiation, how to drive results while still having strategic objectives in mind, and finally creating environmental and social value through our partnership programs with non-profit organizations in emerging markets.

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Our Customers

Our customers love that we are crypto product-agnostic and have no company affiliations, true objectivity!


Due to popular demand (thank you to our customers!), we have begun publicly publishing content on emerging industry trends!

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