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Companies that thrive at the intersection of technology and business need highly specialized team members with specific skill sets. At Blockgram, we are hyper-focused on crypto technology and advanced financial methods, and we offer a unique depth of understanding of the blockchain and financial tech industries. Our knowledge and expertise help us ensure that we recruit only the best possible talent for our clients.

We recognize that blockchain developers are a breed apart from other IT professionals, and they are often driven by a passion for the ideology that blockchain represents as well as a desire to develop that technology in innovative ways. Finding talented developers and other blockchain and financial technology experts is not as simple as posting an open position on a job board; in fact, the best performers are usually involved in multiple projects of their own or in work for another organization. Through our highly developed networks, we have developed an extensive pool of blockchain and fintech resources that provide leads to passive talent (those not currently looking for a job) as well as to active job seekers. Thus, we are able to reach out to possible candidates where they are and introduce them to job offerings that have the power to intrigue them.

In addition to advanced education, we combine years of experience in technology, finance, and business leadership. Our team members have worked for Fortune 500 companies, successfully building out teams and technology infrastructure from scratch. Throughout our careers, we have focused on the power of technology to make businesses more competitive and to create real social value for consumers everywhere. Moreover, with team members who speak multiple languages, we are able to exert a reach beyond national borders.

We believe that blockchain has the power to shape the future, not only as a platform for alternative currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but also as a means to better secure data and more fully decentralize control over information. No longer an outlier in the world of finance, blockchain technology is becoming mainstream as nearly every global bank in 2018 is exploring its benefits, many partnering with fintech companies to increase their competitiveness.

As the demand for blockchain specialists grows, we predict that it will become more and more challenging for blockchain and fintech companies to find leaders and team members with the experience and expertise necessary to bring their projects to fruition. Our mission is to facilitate those connections by providing the best possible talent to meet the needs of our blockchain and financial tech clients. That is one way that we can make a meaningful contribution to a technology and a future that we believe in.


At Blockgram, we provide staffing, recruiting, and talent acquisition services for businesses in the blockchain and fintech industries.

We serve companies of all sizes, and we provide short-term, long-term, and ongoing solutions to their staffing needs. We focus on blockchain and fintech exclusively because our own professional experiences have given us valuable insights into the needs of our clients as well as connections to top professionals in these fields. Matching highly specialized individuals to the unique needs of our clients is always a rewarding experience for us. Thus, keeping a narrow focus allows us to do what we love and provide the best possible service to our clients.

Blockgram’s talent matchmaking service connects businesses with competitive resources to fill their staffing needs. We place such key personnel as blockchain developers, smart contract engineers, data scientists, financial managers, and community moderators, to name a few. We work with our clients to staff specific short-term or long-term positions and help them build highly functioning teams.

Our staffing process begins with an in-depth conversation with the client in order for us to fully understand their staffing needs. We talk about what positions need to be filled and what specific competencies those positions require. Then we begin screening candidates with our proprietary human capital search platform, which provides an ever-growing database of thousands of possible applicants.

With our wide reach and our in-depth knowledge of the current market, we help our clients quickly fill gaps in staffing and keep their businesses moving forward. By keeping work teams well-staffed, our clients can stay ahead of the competition.

We are happy to assist blockchain and fintech companies of any size to develop their staff from top to bottom, whether they are looking to fill a long-term leadership position or staff a short-term project. Our extensive database and search capacity enables us to find the top talent available for any position.