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After earning a bachelor’s degree in social science from the University of Ottawa, Mr. Ismail began his career as a market analyst at Omnicom Group, where his research and insights led to better data-driven decision making at the company.

As one of the co-founders of Blockgram, Yasir Ismail brings years of experience in international marketing, communications, and wealth management to the Blockgram team. In addition to a passion for crypto and blockchain technologies, he has a wealth of subject matter knowledge on financial securities and other investment products. With fluency in several languages, Mr. Ismail also contributes a high level of communication ability and multi-cultural competency to the team.

From Omnicom, he went on to join Fidelity Investments as a financial analyst. There he worked with clients to diversify assets in order to reduce portfolio risk and to identify profitable investments. The value maximization strategies he proposed increasing the company’s wealth by more than 160%. During his time at Fidelity, he was named “Best Salesperson” seven times as well as winning the Partnership Award for thought leadership and teamwork and the Highest Contributor award for the Fidelity Next Step asset retention program.

After five years at Fidelity Investments, Mr. Ismail took on greater leadership responsibilities with Sentry Investments, an independent asset management firm that manages over $18 billion in assets for 500,000 investors. In his positions as product analyst and quality and development trainer, he provided financial and technical subject matter expertise to internal investors and external stakeholders on all products. He also led the online market penetration strategy by managing social media engagement. One of his particular achievements at Sentry was improving client satisfaction from 7% to 93% by making sure that products and services were tailored to meet the clients’ needs.

“We must mature in our understanding of the capabilities of blockchain technology; what it brings to the table is undeniable, very exciting time to be in this space.”